El Diablo! (special movie extra from “THE LAST KILOMETER”)

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El Diablo! (special movie extra from “THE LAST KILOMETER”)
Please enjoy and share this 7′ extra from the film “The Last Kilometer”
(to watch the full 52′ movie visit http://www.thelastkilometer.com – you can stream it or buy the dvd+booklet from 13,9€) )

“El Diablo” is a spin-off from the feature-lenght bike movie “The Last Kilometer”.
The short is focused on the story of Didi Senft, better known as “El Diablo”, symbol and living metaphor of all cycling fans.
Screened at Bicycle Film Festival 2013 (New York, Milan, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Chicago and much more!)

And if you like this, take a look at the feature length film “The Last Kilometer”
Official website: http://www.thelastkilometer.com (or look at the various options to buy it on Reelhouse)

“A cycling movie worth seeing”
(PezCycling News)

Money, business, doping scandals and lack of epic and new champions: are we watching
“The Last Kilometer” for cycling?

L’Ultimo Chilometro is a film totally dedicated to a passion, an emotion, a sport: Cycling.
The movie follows the story and an entire cycling season of “the old” Davide Rebellin, 41 years old and still fighting in the peloton after many victories and scandals, and “the young” Ignazio Moser, promising 20 years old son of cycling champion Francesco Moser.
The famous italian journalist Gianni Mura, Tour de France correspondent since 1967, helps
us to discover what cycling was and what it has become today, after doping scandals, passion, epic, richness and decadence.
Finally, a bit of madness and insane joy is brought into the movie by Didi Senft, better known as “El Diablo”, a living and metaphorical symbol of all cycling fans, with their passion and their enthusiasm.
L’Ultimo Chilometro is a portrait of cycling.

Per acquistare il film (in italiano+libretto omaggio) vai su http://www.thelastkilometer.com


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