In a few words: what is “The Last Kilometer”?

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The Last Kilometer is a forthcoming movie about cycling, that will be out by December 2012.

The last kilometer
1- One kilometer to the finish line. The bunch is all together, every cyclist is tense like a knot of nerves, victory and dreams are still available for each rider. This is bicycle, this is its sport, cycling, a perfect metaphor of life.
2- From the 80’s to now cycling has greatly changed. As journalist Gianni Musa says “If you think that every rider now has a transmitter in the ear and is virtually
guided by his car, I would say that this is the end of the adventure”. So, is it The Last Kilometer for Cycling?


The Last Kilometer is a movie that faces cycling at 360 degrees through 5 characters, 5 stories:

Ignazio Moser – Francesco Moser’s son. Young rider full of strength and dreams, above all the
Paris-Roubaix, the legendary road race in northern France. His father, a constant reference and point of comparison for him, won Paris-Roubaix three years consecutively.
Cadel Evans – international star, first Australian rider to win the Tour de France, last year.
In 2012, everybody’s waiting for him. From his winter camp in Spain to the “Grande Boucle” in July, the movie will follow his entire season. Will he be able to repeat in 2012?
Davide Rebellin – 40 years old, last year he returned to victory against all odds.
But after the scandal of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, when he was forced to return his silver medal, for many his name only represents the dark side of cycling, doping.
Gianni Mura – the “suiveur”, a well-known italian journalist who every year, since the 60’s, writes his Tour de France chronicles. From there, he will provide us the keys of interpretation of this sport.
El Diablo/ The Fans – fans and fan clubs willing to follow their idol everywhere, ready to shout for his victories and to soothe his defeat. In particular, we will follow the mythical “El Diablo”, a german fan wearing his red devil costume and painting trident symbols on the road some miles before he appears.

The Last Kilometer is the story of a road racing season, but it inevitably turns into a portrait of our passions, motivations, experiences, feelings.
A film with an international slant, as now cycling has become an international sport.
A movie for all those who have been on a bicycle once in their life.


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